What is Searche?

Searche is a curated search and rating platform for web and mobile based services

Currently, other than advertisements and word of mouth, discovery of websites is primarily driven by search engine software which interprets content and keywords contained within the site. In the case of mobile applications, a single app store rating exists across categories, the meaning and significance of which is very vague at times.

Searche’s vision is to rank web and mobile based services on user ratings across multiple evaluation parameters customized to the category in which the service belongs to.

Illustrative questions Searche would like to answer are:


Searche enables users to:

ü Discover great / niche / offbeat sites and mobile applications based on user recommendations and in-house research

ü Get alternate options for any web or mobile based service

ü Select the right service by comparing available options with respect to user ratings on various custom parameters

ü Recommend and rate sites or apps they have experienced

Why register?

Registration is one of the inputs we use to ensure authenticity of a rating. Additional options for registered users include:

v View category specific ratings, when these are ready to be published

v Rate services with respect to custom parameters

v Write a testimony for web and mobile based services

v Bookmark favourite sites or apps

Ranking parameter in our beta version

Currently, we are in the process of building a rating database by gathering user ratings customized for each category. We would publish these ratings, once we receive large volumes adequate enough to rank these services. However, temporarily we are showing you a rating based on SMP (social media popularity) score, a weighted index of the popularity of the service across the widely used social media platforms of Facebook, Google Play and Google Plus relative to the category the service belongs to. Social media popularity score is a temporary rating and for obvious reasons should be used only as guidance for comparing services.